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A Gap AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West Air Raid Offense Air Yards All-Pro All-Purpose Yards Alligator Arms Some coaches simplify and stick to the same defense all season and try to perfect it. Be smart, remember these tips and lock down your half of the hardwood. The moniker denotes the nickname of his college team at Temple University and the unusual spelling of his surname. He won two championships with the Celtics and was named MVP of the 1981 NBA Finals. One of the most impactful sixth men in NBA history, Vinnie Johnson earned his nickname for his ability to come off the bench and get hot immediately. The separation between a defender and the ball allows your defense to make better stops against penetration, but it can leave your team exposed if your opponent starts hitting those outside shots. Cedric Maxwell received his nickname from college teammate Melvin Watkins after watching the 1975 film Cornbread, Earl and Me. Watkins saw a resemblance between Maxwell and NBA star Jamaal Wilkes, who portrayed Nathaniel Cornbread Hamilton. This is the place. He played 10 pro seasons with Denver, Seattle, New York and Milwaukee. 3. calvins48 5 yr. ago. Unfortunately, being compared to Michael Jordan in any basketball sense is a dicey proposition. Heinsohn won eight NBA titles with Boston and later served as the teams head coach for eight-plus seasons, although younger fans know him better from his long broadcasting career. In this article, we will share with you some cool and funny basketball nicknames. Michael Cages rebounding prowess spawned his nickname. Your nickname will help define your role on the team. Despite being drafted No. At 7-foot-2, 240 pounds, Artis Gilmore must have looked like a freight train to opponents when running upcourt with a head of steam. These days, Joe Bryant is better known as the father of Kobe Bryant. houston methodist willowbrook cafeteria menu; disadvantages of minimally invasive heart surgery; terry kilburn edmonton. ", "Analyzing the Splash Brothers in a Whole New Way", "Rockets History 198385: How Do You Stop Two 7-Footers? And block shots thats like a unicorn in this league.. 5. Horry was entrusted with taking the final shot numerous times in playoff runs throughout his career. Pronunciation: \Shem-ee OH-jah-lay\. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1991. Bryant received All-Star honors 18 times in his 20 NBA seasons and won five league championships. He was named an All-Star in every one of his 16 professional seasons five in the ABA and 11 in the NBA. Pervis Ellison was dubbed Never Nervous Pervis during his time at the University of Louisville, where he averaged 15.8 points per game and helped the Cardinals win the 1986 NCAA championship. West played his entire 14-year pro career with the Lakers, earning an All-Star appearance in all 14 of those seasons. Alston played 12 NBA seasons with the Bucks, Raptors, Heat, Rockets, Magic and Nets, but he might be better known from starring on the And1 Mix Tape Tour in the mid 2000s. That is what a real nickname is not something someone comes up with randomly, nicknames are accidental. HubPages is a registered trademark of The Arena Platform, Inc. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. 6 overall in 1998 and subsequently traded for Dirk Nowitzki. Despite the lofty predictions posited by the regal moniker, James indeed has become one of the greatest players in basketball history. Im 6'2 and in the 7th grade.Im a post im so wet from the 3 point line. Tyrell Terry. You can use these nicknames anywhere you want for free. But his nickname actually was handed down within his family. "Deny, deny, deny" - Use by the defender one-pass away denying their opponent. Create a great legal team name with the following tips: Choose something professional yet fun. Funkenstein, he received the nickname from legendary musician Stevie Wonder. But in her Southern accent, pretty sounded like penny, and eventually the name stuck. Thats rare. One of the great second-round draft picks in NBA history, Arenas also played for the Magic and Grizzlies during his 11-year career in the league. Mlkvy averaged 5.8 points and 3.3 rebounds in 31 games with the Warriors after a collegiate career in which he averaged 21.1 points and 17.4 rebounds for the Owls. James Hardens nickname might be obvious, but its also unmistakable. Click For Details. Bill Cartwright was tagged with this dubious moniker by Bulls teammate Michael Jordan in a not-so-subtle jab at Cartwrights injury history. Iverson made 11 All-Star teams and won four scoring titles during his 14-year NBA career with the 76ers, Nuggets, Pistons and Grizzlies. And just as Maxwells nickname was inspired by a movie (see No. Switching in man-to-man is done when players swap their assigned offensive opponent instead of trying to follow them and stay with them through a screen. While Robinson was widely known as the Admiral for his service in the Navy, Johnson earned a moniker right in line with San Antonios military history. Next Game: Thursday, Mar. But the origin of his nickname actually goes back much further. Chamberlain, who loathed his other noted nickname (Wilt the Stilt), led the NBA in scoring seven times, won four MVP awards and was named an All-Star in all but one of his 14 pro seasons. Feel free to change your alignments and plans as the game progresses, because your opponents are going to try and thwart your plans by adapting as well. Rookie Wire lists the top 10 former Michigan Wolverines in NBA history. Swoopes won Defensive Player of the Year three times and was named to WNBA All-Defensive first-team two times. This zone defense is great for defending baseline and corner attacks, as well as securing rebounds. I'm a 5'11 7th grade girl basketball player. He was dubbed King James while starring at St. Vincent-St. Mary High in Akron, Ohio. "I thought we were early in all of our rotations," Welsh said. Most are related to professional basketball, although a few notable nicknames from the U.S. college game are included. But basketball, with its playground roots and hip-hop culture, arguably is the sport with the most imaginative nicknames today. Kevin Garnett earned his moniker as the first true franchise player in Minnesota Timberwolves history. The Cavaliers (19-7) led briefly, 4-2, but missed their next 14 shots against the Wolverines' irrepressible man-to-man defense. Whether a fusion of Stephon and Marbury or a predictor of his future fame, the handle makes sense. The label was applied by a sportswriter when Johnson was a 15-year-old standout at Everett High in Lansing, Michigan. Some originate as terms of endearment, while others are bestowed as labels of ineptitude. Kawhi Leonards nickname is a nod to his massive hands, which were measured at 9 inches long and 11 inches wide at the 2011 NBA scouting combine. Yippy-Ki-Yay, Mother Dunkers. We asked for your take, and you filled our mailbag with plenty of opinions. Over his decade-long NBA career, Carroll averaged 17.7 points and 7.7 rebounds per game with the Warriors, Rockets, Nets, Nuggets and Suns. Now that you know the basic strategies and setups of the common defensive layouts, you should start to consider the simple tweaks you can make to give your team a better chance of shutting down the opposing team. But consider that he received the nickname from legendary musician Stevie Wonder. Francis was drafted No. 3. Perhaps surprisingly, Horry recently pointed to a shot from his rookie season when asked for his favorite big shot. He was named NBA MVP for the 2000-01 season and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016. The label stuck all the way through college at Georgetown, where he won a national championship as a senior, and his 13-season NBA career with the Nets, Warriors, Rockets and Spurs. He has led three franchises to NBA championships and played in the All-Star Game every year since 2005. Full-court press. After the ABA dissolved in 1976, he played four NBA seasons with Detroit, Buffalo, Boston and San Diego. *Price Promotions - Due to manufacturer restrictions, select new release and other specified products are excluded from price promotions. Marion went on to earn four All-Star nods in a 16-season NBA career with Phoenix, Miami, Toronto, Dallas and Cleveland. Robert Traylor, who played seven NBA seasons with the Bucks, Cavaliers and Hornets, received his famous moniker from Detroit sportswriter Terry Foster. They . What should my nickname be? Are you the court clown? He played 10 pro seasons, all with the Jazz, averaging 16.2 points per game. Various accounts abound on the internet, but one thing not up for debate is the fact the nickname stuck with the Indiana University and Detroit Pistons legend. Also in man-to-man, you can choose to isolate an opponent even further by assigning a second defender to guard him or her, or double-teaming. Be wary, though, as having two defenders on one opponent can potentially leave an open shooter. Thomas led Indiana to the 1981 NCAA championship, sparked the Pistons to two NBA titles, earned 12 All-Star invitations and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2000. Legendary Celtics point guard Bob Cousy boasted a flashy style at a time when pro basketball was mostly vanilla. ONeal is one of the great centers in basketball history. (Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images). I like to block shots too..What could be my name? I am a deadly outside the ark and I am small. Full-court pressure is most effective in a man-to-man defense. July 4, 2022 July 4, 2022. Brooks Robinson was "The Human Vacuum Cleaner" for the way he devoured any ground ball that happened to be near him at third base. Best and brightest: Dwyane Wade. Billups credits former Pistons big man Rick Mahorn, who worked on Pistons radio broadcasts at the time, for bestowing him with the nickname. Larry Bird certainly is Larry Legend, a 12-time All-Star and three-time NBA champion who happened to be one of the deadliest clutch shooters in the history of the sport. Not only did the name signify the dawn of a global shoe brand, but it stuck as a nickname that described Jordans awesome aerial theatrics. I got the name when I was a kid, because all I ever wanted to drink was soda pop. 2-3 Zone Attack. Carroll wasnt bad statistically during his tenure with Golden State, averaging 20.4 points and 8.3 rebounds per game in six-plus seasons. Another player whose garbage time minutes evoked Red Auerbachs celebratory stogies is Stojko Vrankovic, who played five NBA seasons with the Celtics, Timberwolves and Clippers. I AM A TOMBOY. Here are 5 of the most common phrases players should communicate on basketball defense: 1. 15. In reality, the way you guard the screen is really up to the coaches.. Exclusions Apply. Below you'll find name ideas for basketball defense with different categories depending on your needs. There has been a critical error on this website. After winning an NCAA championship at Nevada-Las Vegas, Augmon enjoyed a 15-year NBA career with the Hawks, Pistons, Trail Blazers, Hornets and Magic. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Alaa Abdelnabys name doesnt contain every letter in the alphabet it just seems that way. Darko Milicic is mostly remembered as the journeyman big man who was drafted No. Two players guard the free throw line, while one player is placed in the lane and the final two defenders are placed at the baseline. Skip To My Lord Joe Cool Bird Man Mobley Spoonicia Dollar Bradley Cuttino Webeg Tree Mode Cassel Hope Nip Flash Double A Duppyro Pitchin Bull Chell Nath Welcopy Bones Book Mad Dog Cute Nicknames For Basketball Players The elder Bryant is said to have acquired the moniker for his sugary variety of moves. AJ Trenton Painting Service vidal sassoon london academy. The Duke slap the floor defense is the . The late Lakers superstar dubbed himself Black Mamba in a nod to a character from the 2003 film Kill Bill.. He played a key role on the Lakers 1972 championship team and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1980. Jaren Jackson Jr. - Block Panther. My football club calls our defense "Murder Squad." A little over the top if you ask me. Joe Bryant played eight NBA seasons with the 76ers, Clippers and Rockets, averaging 8.7 points and 4.0 rebounds in 606 career regular-season games. Andrew Tucker. Where man-to-man defense has you assigned to a specific player, zone defensive strategy has you guarding a specific area instead. Shaquille ONeal is a man of myriad nicknames Shaq Daddy, Shaq Fu, Big Aristotle and Big Baryshnikov to name a few but were focused on the one that inspired the title of his debut rap album in 1993. You can also hedge screens, says Rivers, where, for instance, your big man will come up and occupy the screen and give you enough time to get through it and have them get back on their man. Defense nicknames and names Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and stylish names for Defense - efese , defence, Defence lover, Gauri, DEFENSE HET, DEFENSE HERAT. Join DICKS Text Alerts to Receive Special Offers! Similarly, if a zone defense has two dashes between two sets of digits, then the digits to the left of the first dash would represent the number of zone defenders at the . Im 4,11 so Im not tall, and Im very fast. Maxwell reached back to the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and likened Parish to Chief Bromden, the hulking, stoic character played by actor Will Sampson. These combination defenses, according to Rivers, can be used when you are at the point in the game where you want to change momentum, start forcing turnovers, etc. Marvin Webster took on this nickname in college at Morgan State, where he averaged eight blocked shots per game. Multidimensional big man Kristaps Porzingis has superstar Kevin Durant to thank for his nickname. In celebration of the new NFL season we bring you the top 15 team nicknames of all time. Basketball. # 1st Down 3-4 Defense 3rd And Long 4-3 Defense 4-4 Defense 4th Down Conversion 5-2 Defense 5-3 Defense 46 Defense 53-Man Roster 8 In The Box A. Kevin Durant has several nicknames, but our vote easily goes to the one that meshes his killer instinct on the court with his wiry 6-foot-10, 240-pound frame. A three-time MVP, Bird was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1998. And the Rankings Don't Matter. If you didnt already know, you probably can deduce from the nickname that Darrell Griffith was one of the great dunkers of his era. 2 overall in the NBA draft. denver museum of nature and science prehistoric journey. defense nicknames basketball. One of the most gifted players in the NBA today, Giannis Antetokounmpos nickname is a nod to his native Greece and his unusually versatile skill set for someone his size (6 feet, 11 inches, 242 pounds). Jesusemilore Talodabijesu Ojeleye Twitter: semi Instagram: semi (Semi, Muscles Jesus, The Ox, Thor, The Ojeleye Factory, The Man Made of Granite) Position: Power Forward Shoots: Right 6-6, 240lb (198cm, 108kg) . Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team, 199293, Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team, 199596, United States men's national basketball team, Australia women's national basketball team, New Zealand men's national basketball team, "League MVP "Double A" Back To The Mill Rats", Trevor Ariza#Los Angeles Lakers (20072009), "A Pete Rose by Any Other Name Would Play as Sweet", "Harrison Barnes' "Black Falcon" nickname came from ESPN Tar Heel Times 1/28/2011", "How Wizards' Bradley Beal got his 'Big Panda' nickname", "Phoenix Suns Michael 'Super Cool Beas' Beasley Busted For PossessionAgain", "Myth: Chauncey Billups is really 'Mr. defense nicknames basketball. Man-to-man defense: Man-to-man defense is a defensive formation in which a coach assigns each player on the line-up a specific offensive player to follow and defend on the court. Leonard already has two championship rings to adorn those powerful paws, having led San Antonio to the 2014 NBA title and Toronto to the 2019 crown. Born: December 5, 1994 in Overland Park, Kansas us Maravich, who even wore Pistol on the back of his jersey at times, was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1987. Joe Barry Carroll was drafted No. Youve probably heard this phrase from your basketball coach more times than you care to remember, but its not just a coaching clich; there is some merit to the old adage. Heres a bonus nickname: Gilbert Arenas was dubbed Agent Zero for his jersey number as a member of the Wizards and Warriors. The rock group Pearl Jam originally went by the name Mookie Blaylock in homage to the crafty point guard. Semi Ojeleye. One of the sports greatest showmen, Maravich brought newfound creativity and improvisation to the game with no-look passes, circus-style moves and ultra-slick dribbling skills. ", "The Worst NBA Player Nicknames of All Time", "Ironman Butler emerging as hero for Bulls", "Move over Odom, here comes The Custodian", "How Lakers Guard Alex Caruso Really Feels About His 'Bald Mamba" Nickname", "The People's Superstar in Los Angeles, Alex "Carushow", "Ricky 'Get Buckets' Davis is Trying to Return to the NBA with the Knicks Davis's Best & Worst Plays", "Dewayne Dedmon is Indeed the Mechanic: He Just Fixes Things", "The best lineups of the modern EuroLeague era", "LaMarcus Aldridge nicknamed Boris Diaw 'tea time', "Youthful Thunder finally get better of Lakers", "Kevin Durant not a big fan of his new nickname", "A process toward success: Joel Embiid era begins (at last) in Philly", "If Joel Embiid Is The Process, His Debut Proved We Should Trust Him", "Garnett, James lead along different paths", "Gortat Bounces Back for Big Night Against Bulls", "Jeff Green Commemorates One-Year Anniversary of Heart Surgery With Explosive, Emotional Performance", "Juancho Hernangomez AKA 'Bo Cruz' from 'Hustle' Signs New NBA Deal and the Memes are Wild", "Heat now offering 'Baby Goat' shirts in honor of Herro, Nunn", "At Just 22, Miami Heat Superstar Tyler Herro Continues To Torch The Competition", "Horry's last-minute shot helps Spurs to 31 series lead", "No more Superman: Howard called 'Foul on You', "Atlanta Hawks Rookie Kevin Huerter Already Plays Like Trae Young's Splash Bro", "Meet Red Velvet: Kevin Huerter is the Hawks next sniper", "Ibaka's impact hidden bonus in Thunder's big trade", " - Still Bringing the Thunder", "Kyrie Irving Reveals 'Uncle Drew'Krayon Krazee Krispy Kreme KInspiration", "Love Jeremy Lin Without Asian, Harvard, NBA Stereotypes: Hua Hsu", "ROLO CLEANS UP DOWN LOW: OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS ARE HIS SPECIALTY", "One year later: 'Iron Man' Wesley Matthews continues remarkable comeback from his ruptured Achilles", "NBA Nicknames: Cedric Maxwell "Cornbread", " Final Four preview: UCLA's guards right at home", "Donovan Mitchell Explains the Boring Story of His Nickname 'Spida',, "Top 10 reasons why this version of the Magic is better than last season's", "Lamar Odom: The candy man can for Lakers", "Shaquille O'Neal: From Big Shamrock to Big Sacrificer", "NBA Nicknames: Hakeem "The Dream" "The Nigerian Nightmare" Olajuwon",, "Suns news: Chris Paul the true 'Point God' after joining elite PG list with Steve Nash, Jason Kidd", "Gary Payton II prefers a nickname that's an homage to his Hall-of-Fame dad", "Joel Przybilla to return to Portland: Trail Blazers fans react", "Kobe Bryant's Nicknames For His No-Name TeammatesJulius Randle", "Lakers News: Austin Reaves Wants to Drop His Two Nicknames", "From 'Alley' to 'BBall Paul', Sixers rookie Paul Reed is making names for himself", "Fan Mistakes Rajon Rondo For Chris Paul In A Sneaker Store", "D'Angelo Russell Stats -", "Return of the 'White Mamba': Bulls re-sign Scalabrine", "White Mamba: Fan fave on, off the court", "A Quiet and Steady Hand at the Controls for Duke", "Raptors forward Pascal Siakam's nickname doesn't make much sense, or does it? One of the most brilliant ballhandlers in basketball history, Allen Iverson, inspired a nickname that adorned Reebok merchandise for many years. 81 on this list), so was Parishs. Carter, who racked up eight All-Star nods during his career, retired from the NBA in June 2020 at age 43. The No. That means there are two players in front of the defense and three in the rear near the opponent's basket. Hes sleeping!. Its said that Paytons cousin once told the SuperSonics legend that he was holding talented Suns point guard Kevin Johnson like a baseball in a glove.. this is my basketball name nay nay long legs, I play for the school and need nick names for 14 or 13 players, I am a hooper and i want a name that is olny like 2 letter like a boys will be ac that is a good one but i want a better one for a girl that is a basketball player, Hello my name is Kyra Karfakis and im a 6'0 foot tall girl and my number is 30. Also called the jug defense, one player guards above the foul line while two players guard the wings. Clyde Drexlers nickname dates to his high school days in Houston, presumably referring to his smooth aerial skills and above-the-rim abilities. 2. Among his myriad NBA records, two are highly unlikely to ever be broken: 50.4 points per game scoring average in the 1961-62 season and his 100-point game on March 2, 1962. What's my nickname? Still, the Pistons roared to the 2004 NBA championship in his rookie season with Milicic averaging a menial 4.7 minutes per game. Here's how the Page 2 staff ranked the best sports unit nicknames of all-time: 1. You can choose to implement full-court pressure, meaning that you aggressively guard your opponent from baseline to baseline. ", "RTRS: Sixers Awards, Playoff Predictions, HOLLIS", "Ben Simmons Embraces 'Fresh Prince' Nickname", "Ben Simmons' new jersey number with Nets leads to jokes", "The Story of Marcus Smart: "I Love Boston, Boston Loves Me", "NBA analyst Kenny Smith lists Encino home for $3.6 million", "Rik Smits: The "Dunkin' Dutchman" of the Indiana Pacers", "Nik Stauskas embraces Sauce Castillo nickname", "The Knicks call 40-year-old Kurt Thomas 'Mid Life', "Jonas Valanciunas is key for Grizzlies' offense going forward", "Tom Izzo switched to 'one & done' mode weeks ago", "Thursday's San Diego State-Connecticut game may come down to 'Cardiac Kemba', "OKC Thunder: Genesis of player nicknames OK3, Brodie, and Chinese versions", "Here comes Maple Jordan: Andrew Wiggins' latest mix of dunking dominance just watch it", "His Game, and Name, Create Stir; Jason (White Chocolate) Williams Sets Off Debate on Stereotypes", "Where did Robert Williams's nickname come from? A 10-time NBA scoring champion, he ranks fifth in league history with 32,292 career points. Not only is Shaq, which of course, short for his real name Shaquille, a pro baller, but he's also a pro at coming up with great nicknames! He was named an All-Star in all but one of his 15 pro seasons the lone exception being 1994-95, when he returned from minor league baseball late in the NBA season. The 1-3-1 layout consists of one player above the free throw line, three players staggered across the paint and one player guarding the baseline underneath the hoop. BLOBs. Clifton was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a contributor in 2014. Unibrow (Anthony Davis, pictured above), Chef (Stephen Curry), Splash Brothers (Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson), Frank the Tank (Frank Kaminsky), Polish Hammer (Marcin Gortat), 3-D (Dennis Scott), Smush (William Parker), Lobster (Dwayne Schintzius), Mighty Mouse (Damon Stoudamire), Big Country (Bryant Reeves), Vanilla Thunder (Pat Connaughton), Tru Warier (Metta World Peace), Mayor (Fred Hoiberg) and Waterbug (Greg Grant).

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