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, Matt Cartwright, Democrat, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Pennsylvanias Eighth Congressional District. Here are some things you should know before you cast your ballot in Tarrant County. Here are all of the Democrats, Republicans, third-party and independent candidates who will be on the ballot in November. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, a two-term Republican, is facing his toughest reelection cycle yet as he stares down challengers from the left and right who are calling his ethics. In fact, he wanted to cut funding to rural hospitals and Meals on Wheels during the pandemic. In Ariz., Mont., Neb. Republican Gov. The board considers a broad range of topics and is overseen by the Editorial Page Editor. Registrations have increased 35 percent, and more than 2,000 previously unregistered businesses are now monitored by TDA to ensure consumers are protected. Eight counties that voted Yes on the proposal also voted for the Republican candidate for governor, Tudor Dixon. I can work with anyone by bringing honesty and competency to the table skills that earned the endorsement of three former Texas Supreme Court Justices who all served as Republicans. The remaining vote there could tighten the race as it is counted. Democrats also won the Governors office, State Senate, and appear poised to take the State Assembly, and voters affirmed abortion rights in the state. I also understand how to get things done in government. Erin Font, Village Farms LP, Annies List and Don Henley (tied). Time to vote in the 2022 Texas midterms. March 2022 Primary, Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller, James White, Ed Ireson, Susan Hays, Jane's Due Process, Dallas County Democratic Party, U.S. Department of Agriculture,. As for the marijuana issue, Hays differs from her opponent, Republican incumbent Sid Miller, in that she wants to legalize marijuana, while Miller is only advocating expanding access to medical marijuana. Lazaro Gamio That would be Hays opponent, Ed Ireson. Miller advocates for full medical use and Hays takes it a step farther by calling for full legalization for recreational and medical use. Polls are now closed in Hawaii. In Texas, voters will elect officials for seven statewide seats governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, land commissioner, agriculture commissioner, comptroller and one of three seats on the Railroad Commission. The chart below shows the historical percentage of voters who have pledged to vote for each candidate in the 2022 Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture election. My opponent, Sid Miller, is a pariah in his own party. He said he will be a cheerleader for Texas agricultural jobs, communities and supply chains. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, a Democrat, won a tough re-election race against her Republican rival, Tudor Dixon. The latest unwanted headlines involve his former consultant Todd Smith, who was indicted on charges of selling hemp licenses to potential growers for $150,000. He said the department is notoriously difficult to work with, using archaic tools and processes. Miller, who declined our invitation to be interviewed and did not fill out our candidate questionnaire, has distanced himself from the consultant, even while claiming the charges by the Travis County district attorney were politically motivated. Take the quiz Candidates Editorial: Teacher rank program an asset with its first graduates. Hungry kids cant focus and thus cant learn. Greg Abbotts order that extended early voting in 2020 by six days as a pandemic safety measure. Corrections: An earlier version of this page incorrectly stated that the Texas Department of Agriculture regulates fuel pumps in the state. Feb. 18 Last day to apply for a ballot by mail for the primaries. Greg Abbott brushed off a well-funded challenge from Beto ORourke, winning a third term as Texas governor. Find a complete list of them here. , Gov. The current head of the executive branch in the Lone Star State is Gov. Ron DeSantis winning the early vote in Miami-Dade County which voted for Hillary Clinton by +29 points just six years ago is yet another sign of growing Republican strength among Hispanic voters. The first polls are closing in Indiana and Kentucky. Nov. 8, 2022, If Democrats hold onto two seats leaning their way, they will need to win three additional tossup seats to maintain control of the Senate. Take the political quiz to see which Commissioner of Agriculture candidates match your politicalbeliefs. Maggie Astor Key fact: Applications must be. Maggie Astor Miller's name recognition, his party identification and the strength of Abbott's name on the ballot above his put the incumbent in a good position to win the race, said St. Edward's University political science professor Brian Smith. Cisco Aguilar, a Democratic lawyer, defeated Jim Marchant, a leading promoter of election conspiracy theories, in the race to be Nevadas secretary of state. Dallas Cowboys want another playmaker on offense. Almost all of the candidates preferred by Patrick nabbed enough votes to make it to the November general election. , Angie Craig, Democrat, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Minnesotas Second Congressional District. Current: Greg Abbott (R). Maggie Astor Yes, we should reform the laws including legalizing both medical and recreational use, where my opponent only wants to expand medical cannabis. Both candidates agree that cannabis use should be expanded but differ on how much. Bowling Green Daily News. Maggie Astor Miller has been involved in several lawsuits, including one in 2021 against a federal program meant to offer aid to farmers of color, saying it discriminated against him and other white people. The best-known, and. One of the first things Sid did in office was to pardon cupcakes and other high-sugar, fatty foods as a joke and then bring them back into school cafeterias. Elections were held to elect senators from all 31 senate districts across the state of Texas. Texas voters chose party nominees for statewide seats, including governor, and newly drawn, district-based congressional and legislative seats. But if Democrats want to flip that seat or any other, they should choose the candidate who is capable of winning the broad middle. Home 2022 Election Results Election Info Weblog Forum Wiki Search Email Login Site . You also may see county and local elections on your ballot. But the Democrat wants the public to know the position is also responsible for rural health care in Texas, and she says she has a plan to save it. Four counties all of which supported Trump in 2020 voted for Shapiro but chose Dr. Oz, the Republican, for the Senate. The commissioner is in charge of the Texas Department of Agriculture, which oversees things such as proper pesticide use, organic certification, aid to Texas farmers and ensuring food is weighed properly. Texas' congressional delegation is currently made up of 23 Republicans and 13 Democrats. Gabe Vasquez, Democrat, wins U.S. House seat to represent New Mexicos Second Congressional District. You can read my detailed critique of current Texas law and roadmap for reform at https://www.hays4ag.com/cannabis/. Nashvilles Best Hotel Selection, Texas Commissioner Of Agriculture Race 2022, Copyright 2019-2022 TXElection.com | Eatmon Media. The commission currently regulates the oil and gas industry in the state. Our rural communities are being left behind, Ireson said. The most closely watched race this November is the race for the governors seat. The primary was scheduled for March 1, 2022, and a primary runoff was scheduled for May 24, 2022. Get live estimates for Senate and House control with our real-time election forecast, which analyzes the results so far to show who is on track to win. The Associated Press has not yet called the race. In these midterms, New York is an unexpected battleground. Michiganders are voting on abortion rights. Democrats will gain a seat in the new Congress, retaining the power to advance the presidents agenda and his judicial and cabinet picks. (1996), Have you run for elected office before? Hays has built her campaign largely around fighting the ethically challenged Miller and said her frustration with him is what led her to run for office. Millers website does not mention rural health care, and he declined a request for an interview. . In the counties where most of the vote is in, Senator Ron Johnson is running ahead of Trump. March 02, 2023 - 4:11 AM. Democrat. DALLAS Attorney Susan Hays says she knows the marijuana issue is garnering most of the headlines in her race for Texas agriculture commissioner. Nov. 8, 2022, Republicans are favored to win the open Senate races in North Carolina and Ohio, but if Democrats have a better-than-expected day, these are two places we might see evidence of it. 2023 www.statesman.com. Maggie Astor Incumbent Sid Miller is vulnerable, with flagging support from his party and from the agriculture industry he represents. While the analysis of my campaign has just begun, the most worrisome . Reporting by Grace Ashford, Maggie Astor, Michael C. Bender, Sarah Borell, Sarah Cahalan, Emily Cochrane, Nick Corasaniti, Jill Cowan, Catie Edmondson, Reid J. Epstein, Nicholas Fandos, Lalena Fisher, Trip Gabriel, Katie Glueck, J. David Goodman, Blake Hounshell, Shawn Hubler, Annie Karni, Maya King, Stephanie Lai, Lisa Lerer, Jonathan Martin, Patricia Mazzei, Alyce McFadden, Jennifer Medina, Azi Paybarah, Mitch Smith, Tracey Tully, Jazmine Ulloa, Neil Vigdor and Jonathan Weisman; production by Andy Chen, Amanda Cordero, Alex Garces, Chris Kahley, Laura Kaltman, Andrew Rodriguez and Jessica White; editing by Wilson Andrews, Kenan Davis, William P. Davis, Kennedy Elliott, Amy Hughes, Ben Koski, Allison McCartney and Karen Workman. The attorney general is the top lawyer in Texas, representing the state in mostly civil litigation. Nov. 8, 2022, Its still early, but Fetterman is running ahead of Biden in five Pennsylvania counties that have reported nearly all of their votes. The outcomes of the races in these three states will decide the balance of power in the Senate. Heading to the polls Tuesday? Heunsuccessfullysued all 31 state senators and Lt. Gov. , Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona, a Democrat, won a tough re-election campaign, beating Blake Masters, a Trump-backed venture capitalist. DALLAS State Rep. James White isn't holding back in his bid to become the state's 13th agriculture commissioner. My opponent has been a smorgasbord of scandal since he took office such as using a state plane to fly to personal errands like getting a Jesus shot for his bad back. Woman arrested in killing of 3 children at Italy, Texas, home in Ellis County, 41 North Texas congregations granted approval to leave the United Methodist Church, American Airlines, flight attendants file for mediation during contract negotiations, New Uptown office tower lands second major lease, Years after North Texas bid for Amazons second headquarters, retail giant halts plan, Mesquite to become the site of new 2,500-home community, North Texas builders see influx of activity in new year, but challenges persist, Mark Wahlberg pours tequila for fans at Dallas restaurant during thunderstorm, Chambelanes cambian de look: bailarines se adaptan a una nueva moda y ritmo en DFW, The Cowboys are closer than you think to a total makeover at running back, Ex-Cowboys OC Kellen Moore opens up on Dallas departure, shows gratitude for Mike McCarthy, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones defers comment on revival of sexual harassment lawsuit. A Democrat has not held the seat since 1995. His creation of Farm Fresh Fridays and other farm-to-school initiatives resulted in a$14 million increase in the amount of Texas products purchased by schools. Ireson said he reviewed the Houston ISD school lunch program and discovered that it relies heavily on a California distributor. Texas 2022 Elections Dawn Buckingham and Jay Kleberg vie for open land commissioner seat overseeing the Alamo and disaster relief funds The land commissioner manages the Texas General. , Dina Titus, Democrat, wins re-election to the U.S. House to represent Nevadas First Congressional District. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Election Results 2022: Sid Miller Defeats Susan Hays - The New York Times Senate House Uncalled House Races Top Races Governor Needle Ga. Senate Runoff . Who is available? Nov. 8, 2022, Nevada is the last big swing state of the day, and virtually everything is up for grabs: The races for Senate, three House seats, governor and secretary of state. Ireson is focused on technology inside the TDA as well. The Ag Commissioner must have good relationships with the Legislature and the federal government to gather resources for programs such as school lunches, Meals-on-Wheels, and the State Office of Rural Health. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller was once considered to be a top contender for U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. Albert Sun Lazaro Gamio The 2022 Texas Senate election were held on November 8, 2022. These are only estimates, and they may not be informed by reports from election officials. The U.S. will hold its midterm elections on Nov. 8. He has devoted his life to promoting Texas agriculture, rural communities, and the great state of Texas. Data for this Contest was Contributed by on 2014-07-08 Agriculture Commissioner Candidate Political Party Popular Vote; Jim Hogan . (Dont worry: We dont store yourinformation.). That story was also emotionally stirring but untrue. John Duarte, Republican, wins U.S. House seat to represent Californias 13th Congressional District. Regulation of fuel pumps was transferred to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation in2020.

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